Have bad breath or halitosis?
• Mouthwashes are not enough
• Dental caries, pyorrhea, prosthetics and dry mouth promote bad breath

What causes tooth decay?
• Poor feeding
• Poor oral hygiene
• Bad enamel quality
• Bad dental position
• Type and amount of bacteria in the mouth

How do I prevent tooth decay?
• Reduce sugary food consumption/sugary drinks
• Good brushing at least twice a day
• Annual dental check-ups
• Fluoridation and sealants

Smoking and stress can lead to
periodontal illness o “pyorrhea"

Warning signs of periodontal disease or pyorrhea
• Gums bleed when brushing or eating
• Gums red, swollen, tender
• Bad breath 
• Longer teeth (gums recede)
• Or shorter (inflamed gums in excess)

Prevent periodontal disease avoids spreading
your partner, contributing to heart diseases
“stroke” and premature births.

Factors that affect the incidence of oral cancer
• Alcohol
• Unbalanced diet
• Poor oral hygiene
• Dentures that rub or misfit
• Chronic infections of the mouth