To prevent is your best investment and our goal, so we recommend:

CHILDREN under 12 years old
 To brush teeth twice a day, morning/night
• Use if fluoridated toothpaste special for kids
• Do daily fluoride mouthwashes
Reduce sugary food and drinks 
Periodic check-ups once a year
• Fluoridation with dental gel twice a year
• Sealants fo first permanent molars at 6 years old
• Sealants for second permanent molars at 12 years old
• Malocclusion: might need orthodontic treatment
 To brush teeth 3 times a day with fluoride toothpaste
• Reduce sugary food and drinks
• Reduce sugary food and drinks out of meals
• Periodic check-ups once a year
• Depending on the size of tartar, have an oral hygiene once a year
• Malocclusion: orthodontic treatment
• Impact sports: mouth guard to prevent dental trauma

• To brush teeth 3 times a day
• Use dental floss or interdental brushes

• Use special mouthwashesz for gums
• Periodic check-ups once a year 
• Oral hygiene once or twice a year (depending on the amount of tartar)
• Do not smoke or abuse alcohol
• Have a healthy diet
• Check dentures as it can damage by friction or misfit
• Avoid stress: it is associated with tooth wear. If necessary, wear night splints
• Malocclusion: orthodontic treatment